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Least Expected thoughts and plans [Sep. 11th, 2005|03:34 pm]
Least Expected: A Journey of Reconstruction


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wibbble and I are pondering starting up a hosting company for fanfiction/slash authors (and of course, anyone else who wants to be hosted with us). We could get it up and running by Jan/Feb next year, but we need to know if anyone's interested, first of all.

As well as getting great hosting for yourself, you can also rest assured knowing that you'd be helping out Least Expected, get back on its feet, as the server we would use for hosting would also be the host for LE.

To give an idea of the packages we can offer, let me lay out some very basic specs.

For 1 gigabyte of hard drive space, 2.5 gigabytes of bandwidth, it would be roughly £30 a year, with other packages offering more space and bandwidth of course. We also plan on offering customised story archive software, installed and configured, as well as email, databases, unlimited subdomains, web-based account management, everything you would expect from a webhost, plus we're located outside the US, and as far as well can tell under UK law, fanfiction is not illegal, so we are willing to fight any cease-and-desist orders we get for written fanfiction on any hostee's behalf.

This is just a post to ask for interest at this point. If you think you might need or want a new webhost about January time, or if you just want more information, drop a comment here, and I or wibbble will answer.